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How to Get Better Quotes

How to get better insurance quotes

How to get the best quotes

About the insurance websites

About insurance providers

About insurance brokers

Why going direct is not always cheaper



How to get the best quotes

When buying any financial product you need to shop around for the best quote.

There are hundreds of websites out there offering insurance quotes

But finding the best ones and applying to their different application forms could take you hours.

Various insurance comparison websites have emerged recently. These operate on the basis that you enter your details once and they do the searching for you. The good thing is that they save you time and effort.

Not so good is that they aren't able to cater for anyone who is out of the ordinary. Plus they only deal with a limited number of insurers. Read more about these here

So you still need to shop around

Always compare at least three quotes before buying.

First, check our quick insurance buying tips?

About the insurance websites

About insurance providers

About insurance brokers

Why going direct is not always cheaper

About the insurance websites

Besides the insurance comparison websites the websites you'll come across either belong to the insurance providers (ie the big household names who actually insure you) or to insurance brokers (ie the middlemen who arrange your insurance with the providers on your behalf).

The problem is they vary greatly in quality and price. To research them all could take you several hours.

To make it more confusing, you'd think that going direct to the providers would guarantee a cheaper deal than going via a broker.

Wrong. Brokers are often cheaper. Why?

Bear in mind that - like any retail business - these firms will have "loss leaders" ie good deals to draw you in as well as overpriced products that make them the most money.

See insurance buying tips about getting at least three quotes.

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About insurance providers

About insurance brokers

Why going direct is not always cheaper

About insurance providers

Insurance providers are the companies who actually provide the insurance.

They're often the household names you've already heard of - thanks to their huge advertising budgets.

The problem is someone's got to pay for all those TV ads.

The providers thought long and hard about this one and came up with the mind boggling solution. The costs are passed on to you, the punter, in the form of increased premiums.

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About insurance brokers

Why going direct is not always cheaper

About insurance brokers

Insurance brokers are middlemen between you and the providers.

The reason they're useful to you is that they know who has the best policies at the best price.

In other words going through a middle man (or woman!) for insurance can save you money.

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Why going direct is not always cheaper

Why Going Direct to the big insurers is not always cheaper

You'd think that if you went to the big providers direct it would be cheaper - because you'd be cutting out the middle man.

Not so. If you go direct they usually charge you the full commission they'd normally pay the middle man and just keep it as profit.

In fact if you go to the insurer direct it could cost you even more than going through the broker.

This is because the websites we link you to sometimes "discount" a percentage of their commission.

This reduces your premium further so you pay much less than if you get the same policy through a normal high street broker or direct from the insurer.

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