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Car Insurance Tips


What You Can Do

Don't tell no porkies

Hunt down special offers

Use your good driving record

Park off road

Don't make claims

SHOP AROUND / Compare like for like

Tips on the Insurers

Check the insurers track record

Beware online only insurers

Avoid user unfriendly websites

Online security / Paying Online

Avoid the big names

Don't lie:

The insurers can reject your claim if you lie about your age, where you keep the vehicle or anything else you might have stated or omitted thinking you'd save money.

This will leave you open to being sued by the other party. If they're succesful the bailiffs could arrive and remove everything you own, even the shirt off your back. You could even end up in jail for not paying your debts.

Basically if you treat the insurers fair they'll treat you the same way. But with record payouts by the industry for storm damage plus the way so many people cheat insurers over holiday claims and so on the insurers are tightening their belts.

So watch out. Don't give them any excuse not to pay up.

Look for special offers

Look for special promotions such as free add ons, discounts if you pay by direct debit, free breakdown cover, a free months cover, replacement hire cars, introductory discounts, windscreen cover.

Some insurers may offer Money back guarantees eg "if you find a cheaper deal we'll refund." . This should inspire your confidence - but don't be too trusting.

They may simply be saying this in the knowledge that most of us mugs will assume they're offering the best deal and not bother looking around.

Use your good driving record

Discounts should be possible for experienced drivers who've not had their own policies before.

So if you fit into the category of the widow/er who was on their partners insurance, or the company car driver who's left the firm after 15 years and has bought their own car, tell the insurer and shop around to see who'll give you the best discount.

Park off road

Parking your car in a garage will greatly reduce your premiums

Don't make claims

See the no claims bonus

Compare like for like

Get at least three different quotes. It may be a drag putting in all the same details again and again but the savings will make it worth it.

There are various websites which claim you only have to input your details once and then check the market for you. Well that's what they say. Great. So use them for one of your quotes (and please tell us who was the best and/or worst so we can improve our service.)

Check the insurers track record

Perhaps the unknown name you're buying a policy from is a simply a new brand owned by a major name.

But if it's not, think twice before going with them regardless of how much they're saying you'll save. Go with a broker or provider with a good track record.

Many brokers might be unknown to you and relatively small but they may have a very solid history.

If the company is new check what the directors should be boasting about their long backgrounds in insurance.

Beware online only insurers

You are bound to need to deal with real people at some point.

Ideally you want a broker or provider who gives you the cost savings of being online with the back up of a good call center.

Avoid user unfriendly websites

You just want your quote as quickly and easily as possible without having to be psychic and divine how you're supposed to do it.

A lot of the major players have websites that - while admittedly good looking - are slow and difficult to use.

If you have any problems on a website it's not your fault it's them. And if they can't arrange a decent website...

Online security / Paying Online

If you're arranging payment for your policy online make sure the website is fully secure.

The url address should start https//www etc and /or it should have a padlock symbol in your screens bottom right hand corner.

The big names

The insurance providers are the ones whose ads you'll see on peak time TV. They can afford this because they tend to charge you, the punter, more.

The best firms to buy from are the insurance brokers. They get the best deals by doing your shopping around for you

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